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Autumn / Winter 2019

Brunelli‘s exklusive new Fabrics collections lend a seasonal weight whilst still feeling soft and luxurious. Suiting designs offer simple classics whilst the jackets give the opportunity to stand out in the dull wintery months. Colours are classic blues, grey and browns but with a warmth infused through the rich colours of the checks and fine lines of pinstripes. Overcoatings are warm and comforting featuring the finest wools and cashmere to create true investment pieces ideal for years to come.



With comfort never more important to today’s gentleman on the move, Scabal has developed its most performance fabric to date. The Fit collection comprises of 12 essential plains designed to have super-stretch which gives it complete crease resistance. It has a soft wool base but with the added element of a performance microfibre to ensure it not only stretches but perfectly returns to its original shape. For comfort and style even with the slimiest of fits. Colours are classic, blues, sand, browns and blacks. This is a collection designed to complement existing pieces making it ideal for suits or separates. The stretch element also makes it perfect for a tailored 5 pocket trouser making it a truly adaptable collection.

COMPOSITION 54% Microfiber – 44% Wool – 2% Elastane
ARTICLE 501411 – 501422



Made from a beautiful Super 100’s pure wool, the Heroic collection is a year round suiting staple. Whether you are looking for a classic plain or something more fancy, this collection has it covered. Designs are traditional in essence, herringbones, birdseye, classic and shadow stripes but there are surprises throughout, a subtle pink or light blue stripe intricate and thoughtful check patterns and a dramatic wide pinstripe all appear. The overall colour palette is refined and subtle, designed for the serious businessman who needs his suit to be adaptable to all locations, temperatures and occasions.

COMPOSITION 54% Microfiber – 100% Super 100’s Wool
ARTICLE 704951 - 705005



One of Scabal’s most extensive collections, Galaxy launches a new edition this season. Made in England at our own mill from Super 110’s pure wool this collection carries all the hall marks of truly British designs combined with Scabal’s famous bloom finish which gives the fabric a special lustre helping to make each suit feel like a special edition. As you would expect, the colour palette is made up of classic suiting choices, blues and greys in many shades, but the use of different weaving techniques helps to create interesting designs in the tonal hues across herringbone, shadow and jacquard patterns. There is a s a subtle injection of colour delicately woven into the check designs and the chalk pinstripe comes in a range of widths ideal to make a statement piece.This is a refined collection that can be used year round for causal, business and dress suiting.

COMPOSITION 54% Microfiber – 100% Super 100’s Wool
ARTICLE 705011 - 705100



As the nights draw in its time to reconsider your wardrobe and ensure that your selection is practical as well as stylish. Made in England under the expert guidance of our highly experienced craftsmen, Tornado is a fine cloth in a medium weight of 320gr, with 2ply construction ideal for the cooler seasons. Simple and elegant, the designs in this collection are a one stop shop for stylish dress suits. Ranging from graphic checks, soft glenchecks, micro shadow designs through to herringbones and multi coloured stripes with a wide selection of choices for every suiting occasion. Colours are classic greys, blues and navy but with a warmth infused through the rich colours of the checks.

ARTICLE 705111 - 705150



For the suiting connoisseur, Scabal presents a new Triumph collection. Made of Super 140’s wool blended with the finest cashmere, this beautiful cloth is luxurious, refined and sophisticated. Designed to be easy to wear and easy to tailor, the fabrics feel light to the touch but don’t be fooled, this superior fabric is robust enough to create a suit of distinction. Base colours are the classic suiting palette of blues, greys and browns but when you look closely at the stripes and checks there are hints of colour carefully woven into them and only discovered upon close inspection. Triumph offers a wide choice of pick and pick and pin head plains but also a selection of overchecks, glenchecks, tonal herringbones and shadow stripes which are complemented by the natural gleam of the superior fabric to create a collection of true excellence.

COMPOSITION 90% Super 140’s wool & 10% Cashmere
ARTICLE 753901 - 753936

Cashmere Fine


Designed for the gentleman who appreciates tasteful quality, the new Scabal Cashmere fine collection offers the ultimate in luxury, understated elegance and a refined look. By using the finest cashmere yarn Scabal have created a limited range of suitings fabrics that are exceptional, with a finish that is especially clean and smooth. Colours are the neutral classics of navy’s and greys with interest coming from a selection of tasteful designs including glenchecks, herringbones and shadow stripes. This really is the pinnacle of suiting luxury.

COMPOSITION 100% Cashmere
ARTICLE 753941 - 753955

Autumn Leaves


The name conjures up visions of reds, golds, greens and browns and this collection of fancy jacketing does not disappoint. Across the collection, ground colours are warm adding to the seasonal feeling but the interest comes from the bright highlights that make up the fancy check designs including reds, mustards, blues and pinks. The soft brushed finish makes the colours seem even more vibrant whilst adding a soft hand feel perfect for a winter jacket. Colour is not the only decision to be made, gentleman can select from wool and cashmere blends or from the large choice of pure wool options in weights between Super 100’s and Super 140’s. Whatever choice you make this collection will ensure you have the perfect winter jacket, warm, colourful and elegant.

WEIGHT 260g - 320g
COMPOSITION Wool, Cashmere
ARTICLE 802701 - 802728



With traditional British heritage designs on trend at the moment, Scabal launches its own take on this fashionable look. The Gleneagle collection is inspired by the colours of the Scottish Highlands but the designs are truly British and take their lead from outdoor country life. Checks feature throughout in unexpected colour combinations, ground colours are warm and rich, browns, blues, creams and beiges but look closely and you will see reds, oranges and olive greens used to make up the check designs giving them a modern twist and creating a very wearable jacket collection. Choose from pure wool or a super soft blend of wool and cashmere in a slightly heavier 320gr perfect for living the outdoor life whether you are city or country based this winter.

COMPOSITION Wool, Cashmere
ARTICLE 802731 - 802752



Every gentleman’s wardrobe should include at least one Velvet piece but for those who are seen around town more often one is never enough no matter how classic. The new Scabal velvet collection provides the opportunity to fulfil the classic remit or launch out into something a bit more eye catching. The colour palette ranges from bright orange, vivid red and violet through moss green, burgundy and ocean blues and grey before reaching the classic tones of navy and black. Keep it timeless or stand out from the crowd, the choice is yours.

COMPOSITION Wool, Cashmere
ARTICLE 802731 - 802752

Cashmere Corduroy &
Cashmere cotton


Autumn is the season where comfort and warmth are essential elements of every gentleman’s wardrobe, the challenge comes in remaining sartorially refined at the same time. To assist in this pursuit, Scabal have released a new selection of Cashmere Corduroy and Cotton fabrics. Whether you are looking for relaxed trousers, smart blazers or a sporty suit this collection fits the brief. Split into three areas, the collection initially presents a select choice of luxury cottons in a heavier weight that makes it an ideal choice for the cooler months. Move into the Corduroy and you can choose from the fine 12 wale which is smarter or the more casual 7 wale with its larger ridges. All fabrics are enhanced by the addition of cashmere which gives a luxurious finish and the softest hand feel enveloping the wearer and providing some respite against the elements. Colours are classic plains which are easily combined with others making this collection ideal for suits or separates.

COMPOSITION Cotton, Cashmere
ARTICLE 501451 – 501481

The special editions

Every single one of our cloth collections is made to the highest standards of quality, yet Scabal’s Special Editions collection stand above others. They are composed of the most treasured fibres on Earth, as well a being the embodiment of cutting edge luxury fabric design.

Lapis Lazuli

Noble Stone

Our Lapis Lazuli suiting collection combines fragments of the noble stone into an exquisite blend of Super 150’s wool and cashmere. This luxury cloth’s subtle lustre is achieved when our British master weavers combine the mineral with the cloth using exclusive techniques. The collection is available in several shades of blue, each of which pays homage to the stone’s naturally vivid colour and mystique.

Treasure Box

Precious Metals

Our exquisite Treasure Box collection brings the pleasure of platinum and 24-carat gold to the world of suitings. Crafted from ultra fine Super 150’s merino wool, the precious metals are interwoven into this luxury cloth by our British master weavers. Midnight blue, anthracite grey and noble black ground shades set off platinum and gold flecks depending upon the design chosen.

Noble Fleece

Super 200'S Merino Wool

This collection has been crafted from pure Super 200’s merino wool, sourced directly from family-owned farms in Australia that are members of the Scabal Noble Wool Club initiative. A sustainable and ethically responsible superfine luxury fabric, it is also the first in a line of Scabal Noble cloths collection that seek to preserve traditional methods of sheep farming to provide wool to be woven at our heritage British mill.

Noble Star

A Fabric Of Precision

Hand-crafted at Scabal’s Yorkshire mill entirely from high-quality Super 200’s wool, it makes for superior suits at a comfortable 320g weight. The class and character of Noble Star comes from its construction: very fine yarn is twisted together, in warp and weft, and then twined again to form a bigger, bolder fleece. The result is a perfectly poised look, with a dose of decidedly British elegance.

Diamond Chip Jacketings

The Finest Jackets

The dazzling Special Edition collection, Diamond Chip Jacketings is a head-turning example of Scabal’s continued innovation. Woven by a special process in our own mill in Yorkshire, England, the collection features a confident and exciting range of 12 shades that run from black and deep blue to bright red and vivid yellow.

Vicuna Jacketing

Exquisite Luxury

Take a hike high into the Andean plains and you won’t have to cast your eye far before you catch sight of a vicuña. These doe-eyed, tawny coated creatures are cousins of the llama, pro-tected from the elements by a fleece so fine that the Incas considered it to be cloth of gold. Scabal’s vicuña jacketings collection includes six luxurious designs crafted from 100% vicuña: three bold checks and three classic herringbones.


Inspired By Our Exclusive Collection Of Salvador Dali Paintings Vision-coverplay

In 1971, SCABAL commissioned Salvador Dali to create a set of paintings inspired by his vision of menswear in the year 2000. The result was 12 uniquely individual images of future fashion that are some of the artists most interesting creations. VISION comprises 12, limited edition, fabric designs each taking their inspiration from different elements with each of the paintings. Whether it’s through the golden hues that make up the hair of Lady Godiva or the vibrant scarlet of the Footman’s tunic, each one has its own story to tell.


Precious & Luxury Suiting

Creative excellence and technical skill are combined in Sunrise, Scabal’s precious luxury suiting cloth for men of taste and distinction. Its supremely soft handle, deliciously light feel and exceptionally elegant shine are produced by the marriage of 50% Super 200’s wool and 50 % silk. The collection heralds the dawn of a new level of sophistication at the very top of the suitings market.

Noble Jacket

The Most Elite Fibres

Handcrafted at our heritage British Mill from superfine merino wool sourced through the Scabal Noble Wool club, its unique 100% Super 200's composition includes some of the most elite fibres on the planet. With its novel weave structure this bunch creates a party jacket of unparalleled softness to the touch that still retains a crisp, pure handle. Egyptian blue, dark navy and black all present an understated approach to luxury cloth and tailoring.

Noble Phantom

Elegant Drape

Distinguished even amongst our famous Special Editions, this luxury cloth collection consists of 25 dignified designs. It is woven in a plain weave of 200g in the style of traditional tropical fabrics, making it an ideal fabric for summer. Proudly made in our own weaving mill in Huddersfield, from superior superfine merino wool from the Scabal Noble Wool Club, it boasts an elegant drape and wonderfully soft feel.

Diamond Chip

Super 150'S And Pure Silk

The iconic Diamond Chip collection was the very first of our pioneering luxury fabrics to incorporate precious stones within the weave. By crushing pure diamonds into fragments, we are able to directly blend them into a Super 150’s wool and pure silk suiting at our heritage British mill. The result is a thread that shimmers in the light, giving garments a subtle luxurious glow, alongside a soft feel and drape.

The Mill

Scabal’s Huddersfield Mill

Based in Yorkshire and utilising the area’s soft flowing water, our heritage weaving mill produces suitings unparalleled quality that can be found internationally in the best clothiers. Every single one of our staff member is committed to provide only the best tailoring cloth.

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